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Usually a sign of an intention to swarm. Perhaps you gave space too late?
Thanks. Yes, I'm almost sure we didn't give them the space they needed early enough. Had not appreciated that undrawn foundation would not be sufficient. They of course need time to draw it out and without that immediate space for the queen to lay its time to expand. It may also be a case of our placement of the foundation being less than ideal, having placed it to the end of the hive. Understand that in the good weather it is okay to intersperse amongst the brood to encourage them to draw it out faster. Lessons learned for next year I think 🙃
Thanks very much for the recommendation and advice there. We were contemplating whether a sealed cell or open one would be best. We Went for the latter, but will bear that in mind next time. Thanks again.
If you want to short cut, take a frame, or a section of eggs from another colony and drop in. If they start making queen cells you know it is queenless. Sort of an Acid Test, do it all the time when not sure.

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