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Aug 28, 2009
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My daughter Raina was selected to go to Madagascar with Azafady, an NGO undertaking development work there because they were keen to have her beekeeping experience to assist their bee projects.

Traditionally, honey is collected from wild hives by lighting a smoky fire beneath a tree with a hive and the hive collected. Often, the fire is not adequately put out (who is going to hang around to put the fire out after stealing the honey?), and this causes damage to the increasingly scarce forest cover.

Azafady promotes beekeeping as a means of protecting tree cover and providing a sustainable income. Raina is keen to work in Madagascar for 10 weeks before starting university later this year. She plans to study geography, so this is a fantastic opportunity for her.

She is attempting to raise funds for Azafady, to support her time in Madagascar. You can read more about Azafady and the work they do at If you feel so minded to donate, her fundraising page for Azafady is at

She is also doing a sponsored cycle ride from London to Oxford next Saturday, and is soliciting sponsorship on Facebook at!/event.php?eid=241042127437&ref=mf

She is plucky, and I am doing what I can, and hope some other beekeepers will help support Azafady's work.

Thanks for your time.
Good luck but is this really mentorship? or fundraising??????
I guess it is a combination of the two. It is offering my daughter the opportunity to use her beekeeping experience to help others, and offering her the opportunity to have a wider range of experience, and asking for support for the organisation that enables that to happen.

Sometimes people are willing to help, and sometimes not, but if they are not asked then it definitely won't happen. I do apologise if I have offended with my original post. I did think that it was about extending beekeeping skills (for here when she returns, and abroad), and something that any beekeeper could support if they wished.

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