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Drone Bee
Dec 4, 2008
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Dordogne 24360 France
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16 a mix of Commercial, National, 14 x 12, Dadant and a Warre
Just nipped down to have a look at my bees - 7 colonies plus a Nuc ALL on Apiguard, all in full sun with a shade temp of 23C. The smell of thymol was overpowering, all colonies had bees "bearding" the entrances, I felt sorry for them.

Does everyone treat all their colonies at the same time? My reasoning is that it knocks the mites down at the same time so any drifting doesn't re-infest as it would if you had a mix of treated and untreated colonies. Makes sense to me anyway:blush5:
As long as there is a 'reasonable overlap' of treatment, I would not be unduly concerned. Simultaneous treatment is more easily administered, for sure.

Regards, RAB
Did mine with Apiguard yesterday - and it smells ++. This morning loads of them hanging around at the entrances looking bemused. I am not their friend today.

Putting a small amount of feed on, I took a look inside. In one hive, of Buckfast stock, workers were decapping some brood and I could watch them discarding the pupae. There were a number on the floor but no visible varroa - I believe it can take some time before there is any drop. Whoops!! Is this an overdose.

It is described

The others of Carnolian / Mongrel stock were subdued but not practising infanticide.