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mark s

Field Bee
Jun 9, 2009
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Isle Of Wight
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16 + 3nuc's
hi all
just joined the forum so thought id better say hi and i thought id warn you that as a complete novice ill be asking lots of question and often:)
Hello Mark,welcome to the forum.
Ask away all questions are very welcome..
thanx admin
you may regret saying that you know:)
Welcome to the forum, Mark, lot's of lunatics on here, giving all sorts of answers.

[Occasionally, some of them are about bee's]

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thanx hedgerow pete and thanx too u also planbee
Welcome "Mark S"

Pete, are you going to give us a mad interim video glimpse of your sunflower strewn canal bank? I also dibbed and triple seeded, on one half of my back garden, then the other half I just got rash and progressively put the spade in and run a line of seed down the back of the spade as I moved along the rows. A bit of thinning will probably be needed, but it looks a lot more impressive. Looking forward to HedgerowPete and Apprentice presenting - "The crop".:)

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