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If you sell it you are liable, end of. A lot of council trading standards / environmental health departments expect registration of premises / safety certificates, but not all, and this seems to be a bit of a postcode lottery. From what Hoppy has said, Cornwall expects it IIRC.
If you don't like it, far enough, but you take the risk you are operating outside the law, and if you get caught there will be consequences.
If the forum was approached by an agency of HMG asking for personal details where criminal activity was suspected, would they have a choice but to release this? Sure one of the forum's ex solicitors can clarify this

As has previous been stated, registration allows for a co-ordinated lock down and treatment when notifiable disease is found. Can't see why anyone would argue with the benefits of this?
In the legal circumstances described above, what will/should/would happen with feral stray nests set up in hollow trees and odd corners in buildings by escaped swarms?
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