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Jul 28, 2008
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Hampshire uk
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Seems to be a problem with members adding avatars.

Its a permission problem with the server.

I hope to fix it later today.

Damn teething problems!
okey dokey. i think that it might be that the avatars we are trying to use are too big... but glad you are on to it. Thanks
keep up! I have moved onto Maisemore... vision in yellow beesuit on the Rubbish Bin site. But there are more beautiful images to be gleaned from Thornes too.

Have tried to use a real photo I took of my student and my mentor as my avatar for this.
Have we set up a rubbish bin yet,cos i know just the type of beekeeping that should go in it.
I really cannot say anything,as you may have to set up a bin else or i may get banned,and this is a place for all beekeepers whether you like to look after varroa mites or not.

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