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Mated Queen Wanted

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Haughton Honey

Drone Bee
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Apr 15, 2009
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South Cheshire
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Lots of Commercial hives.......
Having advertised a spare mated queen free to good home a few weeks ago I now find myself desparately in need of....a spare mated queen! Duh.

Does anyone have one they'd like to sell for delivery during the first half of this coming week?

I've just cleared out a drone laying queen from a split in July where the virgin didn't get mated (yes, I actually managed to find her this morning!) and would like to see if I could give this hopeless colony a last chance as they're very strong and were covering ten frames.

I've had to replace half of the brood with drawn frames though and shake them off as the number of drone cells was excessive.

Thanks in advance.

I have sent you a PM and can help you out with a queen.


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