How to replace old brood frame?

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Jun 20, 2022
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Is there a best way to replace an old brood frame? The nuc I got last year had pretty old frames, so this year I'd like to swap them to new ones. At the moment I have around 8 frames of brood and three of stores in the hive. As I'm starting out, I only have new foundation frames available.

I'm assuming it's a case of moving the frame progressively towards the outside before removal, but just wondering how that works with the bees working back to back and not all frames being perfectly flat.
Yes you can just move them to the outside but often she’ll be expanding as fast as you’re moving them. If she’s already on 8 frames I’d be thinking of another brood box and unless the frames really are that bad you could leave until the end of the season.
There appears to be a few posts from people atm putting supers on with quite full broods. The first boxes that go on mine are a second brood.