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Jan 10, 2010
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We will be taking our first honey ever this weekend.My question is we currently have 2 and 1/2 supers and 1 brood all capped and full.Should we take it all or leave maybe the 1/2 for stores.? Thanks :party:
that question depends on you !. if you want a few jars just take the full super which could be UP to 40 jars. And let them over winter on their own stores.
TB makes a good point but one extra element to consider. The 'half' you speak of and propose to leave them with, is that a fully drawn super which only has half the frames with honey capped or only half drawn? If the latter then that is not the super to leave them with because they wont draw it now and need the full width to allow them to move up into it during winter and move laterally to utilise stores if they need to. If you want to winter on brood and a half I would say to give them a full super. You'll still need to feed though to ensure they are fully topped up.

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