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Apr 10, 2010
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Essington, Staffs
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Just joined my local branch but missed this years course. Work full time & can't mix as much as I would like so feel a bit of a spare part. Any ideas how I can get some experience locally, maybe other out of office hours beekeepers in Wolverhampton/Cannock area? Am desperate to learn!
Your on the right tracks by joining them. Attend any meetings and they will teach you alot. But if you want to learn more there is plenty of books to read.

Bees at the bottom of the garden
Guide to bees and honey

Both of which are good.

But if you want to see inside a hive don't be too surprised if no-one offers as most bee keepers should be very cautious about inviting strangers to see their hives in case they are stolen.
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I was in this position last year.

You could try the Omlet courses.

They are run by 'real' beekeepers who keep bees themselves, so you'll make contact with real colonies, not just books. The people that run these courses may well be able to do you some one-to-one lessons afterwards/instead, if you'd prefer that.

A number of people on this forum do them - Somerford Steve is in Wiltshire, GWW is miles away in Kent, but there may be others. (I've been on a Somerford Steve course and it was very good). Although they are meant to be about the Beehaus, he showed us lots of other hive types and the bees we got close to were in Nationals.

Best to go for an 'Introduction to Beekeeping' or 'Beekeeping Taster Day' or whatever they call them and then see where you get after that.

Hope that helps.

Be very nice to your branch secretary and he or she will know of beekeepers who enjoy mentoring new beekeepers.
Does your local group not have a club apiary? Ours does, and it is really helpful for novices like me to be able to make mistakes when there are experts supervising to put me right!
Thanks for replies. Club's apiary is open on Sat mornings which I work, but will try going down another time. Think books is a good route, cheers.
Am going on a taster next Sunday.
opa, there is a course at shugborough hall thurs pm inside, then sat mornings. Course was full but always worth asking. Its not that far from you. Search s-staffs beekeepers assoc.
Thanks Davethegas, that was the course I wanted to go on. 42 on it this year, 14 2 years ago! Good news in one way but not for me.

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