Heather predictions this year

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For those beekeepers on or near the heather, what’s your gut feel re the crop this year?

I’ve got to know my local gamekeeper recently. He reckons the last 2 years have cost him 50 years; local ‘politics’ means he can’t manage the moor as well through burning.

There have been lots of sightings of the heather beetle, see pic - from non beekeepers, saying they’ve seen loads in their gardens up on the ‘tops.’ I asked for my local gamekeepers view on the beetle “ I’ve never seen a heather beetle swarm so big as this year. I lost 60 percent last year so not looking good” then you can’t predict the damage from the beetle each year: “ some year big swarms no damage.Last year massive damage”

Whilst has been a cold windy spring, there has been a bit of rain which the heather needs, in may and June I understand but then glorious warm humid weather in august

Any other factors from your experience? Any beetle concerns and your predictions for this season?