Expansion rate?

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Depending on weather and the bee type then probably and probably.

It's ONLY mid June....

A small hive is difficult to beginner. He may keep hive in too large space and the colony is cold.

Then he may feed sugarsyrup in the middle of summer and fill a valuabe combs area. Near rape field honey may stuck the hive and colony swarms.

Biggest peroblem is that the beginner get so much stupid advices that it is mere mesh.

5-frame has its nornal expnading rate but the beginner have no experience to see things and what to do next.

But everybody starts from beginning. Look for development of colony and do not so all stupid things what helpers advice you to do. Like mite counting, dusting and what ever.
I got my first two hives last year on 7th July, both 5 frame nukes. I put straight into Nationals and filled with undrawn frames. They were given about 3 pints of feed and left to get on with things.

They filled the Brood box, drawing out all the comb and bee numbers built up nicely, but I did not need to add a super. The weather was poor last summer.

The best advice I could offer (not that i know much about anything!!!) is to leave them alone as much as possible. It’s unlikely that they will want to swarm so late in the season, and after the initial feed they won’t need any till later on in the year.

Mine over wintered well after a good feed

Good luck