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May 3, 2021
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Turin, Italy
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Good morning to all from Italy 😊.
My next door neighbour has been helping me with my bees for a while now and has decided to start keeping bees himself. I would like to get him started by donating a few frames and a queen to him.
I have a couple of strong families but would like to know what would be the best way to go about creating a nuc.
I have a 6 frame poly nuc which I could use. Is it just a question of putting some bees and a couple of frames of open brood and stores?
Is it too late in the year now?
Thanks in advance for your help.
I'm no expert.....I'm only in my third year...I've made up two nucs for the first time this year.....I didn't have a spare queen so I used two/three frames of capped brood, two frames of food and bought in a mated queen.
If you have a spare queen....then I would guess you could make up a nuc using the frames and the queen.
When I was making up the nucs I was advised not to create a nuc and let the nuc itself make/raise the queen as they often are not the best queens....also there is the issue of are looking at about a month after a nuc with no Queen is created before the queen is up and you approach the end of a season this can be an issue.....I don't know when your season is in Italy.
Simple solution ask him to buy a queen from a reputable breeder if you don’t have any spare and then provide the bees/frames
If you expect swarm preparations soon then waiting for that and giving him a nuc with either a queen cell or the established queen would be simple
Hopefully swarm season is behind us for this year.
I guess my real question is if it is too late to expect a new queen to emerge and mate in July or not...
How far ahead is the Northern Italian season when compared to the UK?
Please see attached graph. Minimum maximum and green bars are rainfall in millimeters.


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Looks similar to the UK. I had an idea you were a month ahead. If not, July would be OK for mating.
Yes I think the temps are probably higher and the warm season longer but profile about the same with July being the hottest but also extended into August.

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