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Great Plant, dairy cattle enjoy it too....
We include 8% Dutch White clover (Repens) in all our pasture mixes here.... Does very well under our conditions...
I sowed a bank of Trifolium repens a couple of years ago. About 100 metres by five. My bees love it. Being in the middle of pasture land my main pollen (according to CEH) is bramble, then white clover and small leaved lime.
So... I got this thought today, I'd wondered if the various types of clover will all bloom and have their nectar flows at the same time?

This seems relevant to me. I like the idea of mixing something with at least one type of clover, with the other things not blooming all at the same time to create flow insurance, and extra stability. So that's part of what brought this up, but it was also a genuine question if the different clover types are much different from one another (?)

Its interesting right?

For me I love the feel of independence and freedom that self sufficiency and agriculture can give you. So even if there wasn't a lot of nectar flow harnessed from this type of questioning, it could still be relevant for other livestock besides bees.

Some of the types of clover I'd heard of, but its amazing that when I internet search it there's other kinds too besides the white clover, red clover. (Crimson, Alsilke, Siberian, others...)

(Not sure if there's any studies on how many acres of various flowering plants can support X number of hives also?)
As said here allready couple of times,crawling white clover works best and is easiest,i mow this patch of grass once a week at max hight of the mowerblades,if i mow in the morning first new flowers sticking their head up by evening.Other clovers are bit more tricky,as luzern for instance needs a certain moist lvl and a number of folowing days at i thought between 24 and 27 degrees,warmer is no good colder is no good just two days is not good,can take several years before it goes right and than just for a very limited time.This said,if they have a whole lot of white clover available they get bit nervous and more stinghappy if you open the hives.


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