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Dec 4, 2008
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Again this works.

Buy a spin dryer. Get the safety lock disabled so it will run with the lid open or better still off entirely.

Buy 400 micron mesh and make a bag/s to fit. I have three.

Buy coarse mesh sufficient to line the drum as this creates the space for the clean honey to run down the drum to the bottom and flow out.

Warm your honey and via a "ripener" allow it to trickle into the running spinner and collect perfectly clean honey from the spout.

The above works with cappings too. Not to mention extracting heather honey on a small scale.

Please remember to keep hands, long hair, loose clothing and small people WELL clear of this operation. ;)

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nice one, thanks for sharing.

just a few questions if I may.

I'm assuming you are using a second hand spin drier that has been used for it intended purpose, how do you enusure the pipes are clean before you start using it for honey? do you replace them all?

what about rules/regs concerning food grade plastics and all that jazz that the trading standards may well be interested in?

presumably a spare basket modified for the purpose could be used in an extractor to do the same thing :cheers2:
When I said buy I assumed it would be taken as a new purchase.

A basket adapted for an extractor will not get the speed required. A spin dryer runs at some 2800 or some a bit less. Extractors run at a fraction of.

The only plastic part is the spout and if one were to be ultra careful then I'm sure your local blacksmith or fab shop could weld on a stainless steel one.


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