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Mar 26, 2023
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West Midlands
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I have read that a nuc can positioned in a tree as a bait hive to attract a swarm.
I would like to have another colony, currently I only have 1. I have built a spare hive that I could put in my woodland apiary, could that be a bait hive? Or I could make a wooden nuc (pretty handy with wood and have a supply) the nearest beek I know of is half a mile away. If mine swarm could I attract them in?
Any advice greatfully received.


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Jun 20, 2018
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Yes you can effectively use any box as your bait hive inc your new hive body. I’d suggest a single brood with a solid floor even temporarily.
You could use 1 of those plastic packing cases at a push providing it’s blacked out.
You definitely want some wax in there some old comb or even starter strips of foundation. There’s also commercial swarm lures or the addition of some lemon grass oil.
I like to place bait hives in locations that get sun, a warm box gets the oils and wax cooking up and sending a sent trail down wind!
In an ideal world shed or garage roof height works well.
Bar an old frame many fill remaining space with starter strips to maintain the void.
There are many occasions when swarms will go in less than ideal locations but I’d say if you take those main points.
Size/location/height/attractant you’ll be putting most things in your favour.
Yes you may also attract your own swarm but even if in your garden place as far from your hive as possible.
If you have friends nearby and can make the odd box stick one on their shed roof as well.
Don’t wait get your box up asap there will be swarms about or at least scouts atm!

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