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I never noticed we had managed to get into 4 figures on general threads !

Well done to everyone and thank you for helping me not having to talk to myself on the forum in the evenings :cheers2:
rabbit rabbit blether blether... mirror mirror on the wall... or is that monitor monitor on the wall.... ;)

PH (who is in an amazing mood, what a day, what a weekend and what a week to come. 94% occupancy so far!!!! updated to 96!)
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Good on you PH. Just imagine if the weather was better, you would have to put guests up in the apiary. Glad to hear the business is doing you proud, but where exactly has the summer gone, or is it yet to come? Hoping all your guests become good repeat customers for you.

I have visions of hungry bees eating all their stores, hopeful of a sunny period beginning later in the week to sort it all out before it is too late.

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