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  1. papa_sierra

    MJT Cell Punch

    Ah, I see. Looks a good system, less things to make up. Better for the Specsavers users.
  2. papa_sierra

    MJT Cell Punch

    Or make your own -
  3. papa_sierra

    New Zealand calling

    Ian, made them up myself. Stainless tube cut to size and sharp edged, ringed with a bit of poly tubing, dowel for pushing cell through with a piece of turned down brush handle on the end. (Sized so that it doesn't fall through the frames of the mini nuc). Mounted on cross frames with terry...
  4. papa_sierra

    New Zealand calling

    I didn't get on to well with grafting, so this year going to try the cell punch method. Easy enough to make and gets around the ham handedness.
  5. papa_sierra

    How Did That Happen

    Cleaning up some old frames, I came upon this one. Funny thing is it came from the hive complete with drawn foundation. Cleaned it up, rejigged it and fitted new foundation. The blame game starts, who made it up ?
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    Wet roofs

    I paint all my hives to weatherproof them, but I found one of the hives very damp. Problem was, the crownboard had not been painted and was wicking in the prodigious amount of rain we have been experiencing. All crownboards now painted around the edges top and bottom. Have just binned a roof...
  7. papa_sierra

    wasp tunnel mark two

    I was having problems with wasps and robbing. As I had reduced entrances anyway I made up a short length of oval trunking with an 8mm approx hole in the trunking facing the hive entrance and blue tacked it in place. Peace returned.
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    Gas vap worth it ?

    A fourth recommend, I made my own and thanked him for the idea at Beetradex.
  9. papa_sierra

    Oxalic Acid

    Big fish, small pond syndrome showing. I'll leave you to it.
  10. papa_sierra

    Oxalic Acid

    Sharing knowledge is what I thought this forum was all about, not trying to score cheap points with 'witty' remarks, but it suits some folks.
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    Oxalic Acid

    Gut feeling.
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    Oxalic Acid

    John, I made up and have used, with appropriate gear, your excellent idea. Very many thanks. I will not join in with the previous comments, but will add a thought of my own. I have a couple of hives with supers on and would not want them to remain as honey storage items in the coming season...
  13. papa_sierra

    Queen rearing course

    Yes !! In answer to the question, we did one earlier this year and were completely fired up by it. Do one.
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    I'm getting worried, the leaves on our Elderberry tree have started to fall. If autumn is on it's way we may be in for a 7 months winter with all that that entails. We have Himalayan Balsam on the go and maybe Ivy shortly but then what ? It would appear that the seasons have shifted four...