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    WARNING: MB Poly Lang Nuc Feeder

    floats Why not take the mesh out completely pot in a few broaken pieces of poly styrene or some stray to act as floats for them. That way no danger of entrapment. Also means if your hive is not quite level the bees can get to all of the syrup, as the level drops.
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    Too late?

    feeding Easy.. i am in the same boat. And despite a few years behind me now, i get the odd "hmmm should I, shouldn't I" moments. Having left some supers on last year and found them unused and full of ivy in spring, I have this year taken all my supers off, but it was late. So have been...
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    winter prep pics

    first year worries.. I did the same with my national in my first year.. only had one hive and I added some pink foam blocks to the out side. Almost every day I would go out and check and worried over the dead bees that were accumulating at the entrance. I was unsure if they had enough...
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    sting reaction

    Blisters I think you may find the anti-biotics were prescribed due to the blistering? Blistering can leave raw exposed skin, prone to infection. I would defenitely say, be mindful for future reactions.
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    Ways to avoid heavy lifting?

    weight lifting belt Firstly I would say, definitely look at poly hives and kit. Secondly, look at your setup. Ie your stands for certain. Consider higher rails. Thirdly, consider a weight support belt. There is a reason there were invented. And certainly consider getting a "helper".. I...
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    Poly HIve First timer

    strap them down.. Only real difference are the obvious ones.. 1). You cannot torch boxes out. So need to use some chemical alternative to sterilise them. 2). They weigh a lot less. So when the bees are light on stores etc or winds are high, you will almost certainly need to strap them down...
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Rehomed.. Had a look at a weak colony yesterday. Two small palm sized patches of brood. Not enough bees to justify a full hive. So have relocated into a nuc for the moment to give her a chance. They got blown over in the winter and got rained upon. So quite suprised they have made it this far...
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    Wear White Only

    Black White is easier to see the bees. Bees seem to be less aggitated by it. But then my suit is biscuit brown for the above reasons. I don't wish to draw attention to my locations. As for DPM etc.. camoflauge,, you cannot see the bees on it, and if it has black in the pattern, the bees...
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    is it too early to buy a nuc?

    don't ask.. see! The big thing is, are they healthy! Is the queen laying well? If your apiary manager is not far away, then ask if he is happy to look through the bees with you, if you are not sure. An experienced keeper should see you safe. But do look. Nothing wrong with buying now. But as...
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    Swarm Collecting

    Anything.. I have used all sorts of things.. Nuc boxes are best, if you can, as they are pre-homed as it were.. but yes I have used carboard boxes. I have used plastic boxes, what ever was to hand at the time. As usually its not when you are prepared or have a spare box. One tip I was told...
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    Anyone ever use a steel 45gallon drum to boil frames?

    Steam and boil.. Adam, I plan to do the both, but till I can get a tank or barrel sorted. Its just steaming and blow torching for now. I will probably for simplicity sakes go with a gas option for heating the tank. I get free wood (exc car trip to collect it with trailer) so that wouldn't...
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    Surely Not!

    cleaning. Was cleaning some old frames in the sun shine yesterday. Soon had some ladies sniffing about. So I suspect its too early to really worry yet.. BUT you never know..bees don't read our books. :)
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    Anyone ever use a steel 45gallon drum to boil frames?

    Steamer.. I made my own steaming setup for the moment. Still wish to be able to boil the frames, but for the immiediate it is working well as I had brood frames to render down. I bought a £28 wall paper steemer, and got some off cuts of ply etc from a local hard were store. Made a roof and...
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    Anyone ever use a steel 45gallon drum to boil frames?

    burco.. Bees4u, will those 25ltr burcos take 14x12 frames? Not too worried about super frames, bits the brood frames I would like to boil up and clean.
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    aggressive colony carbon dioxide?

    turn the hive.. Have you explored all the reasons? Have you tried turning the hive to face a new direction? I have put the same reply up now six or severn times..I really need to cut and paste it into a document. Seriously.. yes it could be their genes. But it can also just as easily be...