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    4 of 4 disillusioned Bee Keeper

    Hiya, I am not an expert but would suggest that you make sure you are covered by two layers all over i.e. long sleeve shirt under your beesuit/smock and two layers of trousers (if I wear a smock I put loose jeans over tight fitting jeans). Loose fitting is good too; the sting is quite short and...
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    The association between honey and botulism in infants is well established and the UK Food Standards Agency does recommend that a warning message is placed on honey labels. The reason that infants succumb to botulism after ingesting the spores of C. botulinum is generally accepted to be that...
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    ankle biters

    My mentor told me that they get the ends of their legs caught in the woolly hooks on knitware and then sting as they are 'trapped' so is it the socks below the suit that they go for rather than the ankles? Also if they are down your wellie and you move, the narrow ankle area is where they are...
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    natural poisoning

    The advice not to give babies under 12 months honey is nothing to do with rhododendrons! It is to avoid infant botulism which causes flaccid paralysis and can lead to death in babies. This can be caused by the germination of spores of Clostridium botulinum from honey germinating in the guts of...
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    how close, bait hive?

    I don't know if this is true but I have heard that a bait hive is best positioned with the entrance well above the ground e.g. waist height. Does anybody have views on this aspect?
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    bees and motorways

    My bees are situated right next to the Norwich London railway line (bottom of embankment) and seem completely unperturbed by trains rushing by (four per hour).
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    CCD - interesting article

    There is an article in the Independent today that is about CCD and cites a parasitic fly hitherto unknown to parasitise honey bees as a cause for concern regarding CCD. It also points to an more scientific article in PLOS journal. I am unable to post the link as this is my first post and the...