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    Queen excluders

    thanks guys, so far the consensus is wired framed excluders as being the most popular (3 out of 4 votes) and overall same better VFM. sounds like the plastic ones could break, and the pressed steel is prone to spring back. I will let this run as long as it does , but w/f excluders look like to...
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    Queen excluders

    looking at buying queen excluders for next year, which will be my first. so the question is pros and cons of :- Plastic, other than being the cheapest do they have any downfalls? slotted steel, pressed steel and mid-range price, again any downfalls? wired frame, most expensive, but being wire...
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    New member, first post

    fairly new myself, john.....but enjoy.
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    Advertising on the forum

    As a genuine newcomer to the forum, and a non beekeeper yet I would have to stand for both sides of this argument... genuine hobbyists should be allowed to offer their wares, be it the odd nuc of bees, a queen or two and second hand equipment they have no further use for, after all the forum...
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    Beekeeping for Beginners

    "Under the watchful eye of "expert" James Dearsley? as far as I know hes only been at for 18 months, now suddenly hes a bleeding expert, another self opinionated youtube wonderboy. not worthy another one is the yank on `tube thats kept bees for years and never been BIT by a bee, some expert that...
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    BS national sizes

    thanks for that , Tom.. based on what you have said I`ve NOT messed up, the faces and rails are indeed just butt jointed to the sides with their measurement of 425mm and are all 18mm thick so I have what seems to be a "perfectly" good hive after all, minus the occupants of course.
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    BS national sizes

    thanks chaps, will have to wait and see next year now, too late to house any bees now. And if all else fails, next year I will have to breed some super thin strain of AMM. Yes Tom, your measurements are correct i`m 7mm short in width ( the hive that is) I was toying with the idea of the tenons...
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    BS national sizes

    Tom or anyone else who builds their own... I converted scot beeks plans from imperial to metric to read as follows: BS national sides 460 x225, front/back 432 x225, top/bottom rails 44 x25. BS Super sides 460 x 150, front /back 432 x125, rails as BB rebated as same. bee space top 17 x 30...
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    BS national sizes

    cheers Tom, was beginning to think I`d got nothing more than a firewood hive. made two BB and two supers before I realised the "error" (read c**k up lol) I was intending to buy the frames early next year, As I said just doing it to see how easy/hard it would be, But if I say so myself dont look...
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    BS national sizes

    OK Beeks, I have made my first BS National (just to see how doable they are) primarily out of scrap. however on reviewing the the plans (scottish beeks) I have made the ends with the hand holds 425 mm realising now they should be 432 mm (my conversion of 17 inches). I know its only 7mm, but with...
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    Windsor Sale

    You should be ashamed, Doc...called that full? I can see space for a couple of queen cages AND a bee brush, Tut, Tut... :rofl:
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    cheap book

    just a heads up for the new beeks, having picked up "Keeping Bees- looking after an Apiary" by Vivian Head at my local Wyevale Garden centre. Hardback 160 pages, copyright 2010, reprinted 2011 being as this is the only book I own at present and have nothing to reference it against but I found...
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    B&Q timber cutting - no longer much use?

    its probably an health and safety aspect from the powers that be upstairs, my local has a notice posted at the cutting booth stating as much, but the 2 guys trained on the machine are normally happy to cut as small as 150mm.
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    Hivemaker and Tom Bick beware!

    Top Secret--Eyes only project, I get it ... I know "if I tell you, I will have to kill you" sort of thing. mums the word.. I`m having my hives developed at area 51, the anti grav hive, no more worrying about swarms as the hive goes were they go. I`ll let you now how I get on. ;)
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    Hivemaker and Tom Bick beware!

    @ Mons, are you trying to develop the stealth hive, undetectable to the bee inspectors? :cool: