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Wanted: Pure Carniolan & British Black Queens

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Feb 20, 2009
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Northern Ireland
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Bickerstaffes do indeed sell AMM as I bought two. They came from Greece and one was overly tired from her journey and promply failed. However I am over wintering one and may buy more next year to boost my program.

AMM are I am finding very difficult to source which for me is infuriating as I had them by the bucket load in my last go round.

BIBBA have a major issue to over come and that is internal communications. I brought this up with Dave Cushman at Stoneleigh and he assured me they were working on it. However nothing so far has appeared and I fear like so many of their good intentions they are again dead in the water.

I will continue to work on sourcing pure AMM from Scotland.

Just on this Bickerstaffes AMM thread. My friend bought 2 queens last year. The offspring of one was black and AMM like the other was yellow. He complained to them and eventually was told that they graft the queen then put it in a mating box marking it as AMM but the bees are all then open mated so its pot luck what you get with the mix of breeds they do.

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