The Simpsons solve CCD!!

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Dec 14, 2008
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For those of you that are not up with the Simpsons, the lastest episode (currently showing on Sky 1), is related to the bee losses.

"Unfortunately, the last remaining bee colony in Springfield is located on the proposed stadium site, and Lisa is single-handedly spearheading a movement to protect them. As Lisa fights for a safe haven for the bees, Homer attempts to help the quickly diminishing bee population by mating the Springfield bees with Africanized bees, creating a buzzworthy fiasco"
Hi Jim.

You can laugh mate, but American scientists are trying to take genes from "Africanized Honeybees" (yankie spelling) and add them to European bees because of their better natural resistance to Israeli Acute Paralysis virus (IAPV), which is know to be significant player in CCD.

It was shown in a program on National Geographic Channel tonight.

Oh dear, last time they tried that in Brazil, they let them out and caused the whole Killer bee problem. When will they ever learn?????
Regardless of the science, I just thought it was good that the Simpsons are raising public awarness.

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