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Sold Swienty Breeze Beesuit XXL

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Aug 30, 2009
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Gloucester, Glos
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Due to the imminent move to New Zealand and their incredibly strict biosecurity rules I've been getting rid of all my bee gear (colonies sticking with my bee partner before you ask).

The Swienty Breeze has been an absolute boon. Not one sting through it in 3 seasons of use, no rips or tears at all, and catches the slightest breeze so longer sessions are fine in mid-summer with shorts and tshirt underneath. Also very handily it fits in the the hood when you detach it so great for storing. They're currently £170 new but I'm happy to take £40. Need a nice cool backup? Want a guest suit for larger visitors (not *that* large, I'm 6ft and moderately fat)? Then drop me a note.

Pickup from Gloucester or we can arrange shipping.
Have sent pm
Provisionally sold, but if that for some reason doesn't work I've got the DMs from those of you interested.
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