Swarming after Demaree

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Someone will correct me……. but I think George Demaree did use his system after QC's were found but only after the swarm had flown and been recaptured. Then he would tear down all the QC's, placing all the brood in the top box and put the captured swarm back in the bottom box with foundation.
I wonder if you could also use a variation of it somehow if the prime swarm (only) was lost and the beekeeper found sealed cells remaining....to let the bees have more say in choosing the queen?
Basically David doesn't understand the mechanics of Demarree swarm control and is giving bad advice.
Have a feeling that I followed that piece in May and promptly lost a swarm. My first time trying the method. I love the "Apiarist" site and may have read something out of context but I remember retrospectively slapping my palm to my forehead and thinking "Doh, queen cells noo". Learnt my lesson anyway after I read up more on this forum.

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