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hedgerow pete

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Jan 26, 2009
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hedge row pete is looking for some advice of a cctv security matter does any one no there stuff with bodging a set up together, stupid question will come thick and fast.

also is there anyone out the that can talk an idiot through physical computer building, i have a load of books but no idea what to do

i would prefere all conversations via pm or emails please

I first built my first computer blindfold in 1991... it was a bet and I won! :cheers2:

performing such actions via email or pm is a doddle. I did in for my father last year who lives on the far side of canada so had the interesting complications of timezones which made conversations very slow...

I also hate talking on the phone... I spend a huge amount of time on the phone for work and try and avoid it in my home life.

However, I still have a load of old R&D parts in my loft from when I used to help design them. (I used to do the hardware, others software)

The parts and software that I used were designed to run on P4's, which were current at the time.
I still have a number of P4 boards and components, hard drives etc and may still have capture boards and alarm contact triggers (normally for windows, doors etc). It also has the facility to phone for help if a phone line is present, as well as remote monitoring etc.
If it is only for security, a very basic PC would suffice as it is not very processor intensive.

I might be able to throw you something very basic together out of just spare parts.... although they have been in my loft for a while and would need to test everything first.
So far I have thrown together 6 PC's for friends and family and am running my parts list down but may have enough for a few more... I decommisioned the one in my house when my son was born a few years ago as the other half was at home all the time.

If you are interested, let me know and i'll pop into the loft tonight and see if I have enough to russle one together...

although I have been in the technical world for nearly 20 years, I do not call myself an expert... and I also teach people, I do not call myself a tutor. I am very happy to help out though.