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Jul 30, 2019
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Titterstone clee South Shropshire
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Four years ago, moving to an empty property in a rural location, decided to move hives at night, to attract no attention prior to moving in.
Didnā€™t fully appreciate how dark the new place was and carrying one across a lawn, my other half stepped into a hole, lost her balance and the hive fell sideways and the boxes split apart. She legged it and I could only fumble about trying to get the strapped up boxes on top of each other again. Unable to see and hearing the anger of the bees I had to leave it as was and return early next morning, defeating the object of stealth and secrecy. I found the bees in good spirits happily going about their business, was able to rebuild the hive and get them in place and didnā€™t get stung. Never again at night!
Just goes to show when push comes to shove they make a sharp exit.
You can't live with them and you can't live without them.
My wife this season left me in a field moving hives with the disco and trailer.
The disco was stuck and I was red hot and swearing a bit... Even did a bit of tyre kicking.
She said I'll be back with help! an hour went by no sign of her.
So I walked back to the house, there she was sat at the dinning table with tea and cake Reading her magazine and doing a crossword.
Ow sorry she said, I thought you would of phoned the farmer to give you a hand.... Nice one..... :coffee:šŸ°šŸ’…


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Jan 15, 2015
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North Wales
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Why at night? if you have OMF, just shut them up in the evening, strap them up ready then just move them in the morning. I move them like that in spring/early summer - as long as they're in the new position and opened up before it gets too hot, it's fine
Agree. Done it a few times no problem and avoids worries due to change in weather. Once had no choice but to collect a nasty hive at night (the owner wouldn't go near it). Sealed everything. Lifted over cill of boot. Bottom of rotted hive gave way. Car full of unhappy bees. No choice but to drive home wearing full suit and trying to ignore bees on veil. Sorting it out the following morning was fun.

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