Just tried out my "Waspinator"

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Jun 21, 2009
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I ordered a Waspinator as it sounded a great way to keep the wasps away.

I can now report back on the results.

The wasps competely ignore it. In fact once I saw a wasp land on it before having a go at the hive.

I followed the intructions to the letter.

Anyone else had expierience of the Waspinator?
I put 3 wasps traps out this week.
2 are full of dead wasps.
1 I forgot to put small holes in the top and only have 3 dead wasps in.
I will take a picture tomorrow.
I've tried them - what a waste of time and money. The traditional wasps traps are stuffed full of dead wasps and the area where the waspinators are have thriving wasps!
Not fit for purpose? Get the \Trading Standards involved if they wont reimburse the cost and your expenses (time, fuel, lost bees?). Collect the evidence.

Regards, RAB

I ordered a Waspinator as it sounded a great way to keep the wasps away.

8LGM, don't keep them away! Invite the little b**gers in. Don't forget the rain cover (makes the difference, no over-flowing / juice dilution) two designs shown. Waspinator £10 old pop bottle and some gaffa tape 'priceless' Empty them weekly (if only I had to with the supers)
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I misread your post.
I never tryed them.
But was told by other beeks they don't work.