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Poly Hive

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Dec 4, 2008
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Scottish Borders
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Went in via that link (See M100 thread re Yorkshire) and found a survey which I have completed, and as part of that added this forum to their data base as my principle one, and answered the question as to why I didn't use the BBKA one at quite some length........

Adjusted link and click "Please click here to contribute" on the right hand side in blue.

You need to say "other"to the question about primary web site for info.

"Bees do nothing invariably."

B. Mobus
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I think the truncation of that URL stops it working properly, or it's a temporary session-based or cookie-based page which doesn't work after that session terminates.

Or it's operator error on my part.

Thanks for fixing the link for my visit PH; so kind. (it's the shirt) :),uk prime information source. Next survey out, we expect to have a box of our own and not just 'other'.

C'mon Admin, question to DERA, why as one of the major bee keeing information forums in the UK we do not appear as a unique information source or forum in surveys on their behalf?

Do you feel a short letter coming on? or even a wee email to the survey people. WE HAVE ARRIVED. :svengo:
I had to go out, and fixed it on my return.

It's not the shirt that counts.. it's the man!


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