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For Sale - New BJ Sherriff Apiarist S36 Khaki Suit size XXXL

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Apr 13, 2009
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As the title states I have new (worn once) all in one Sherriff S36 Apiarist suit for sale.

It arrived yesterday and was the wrong size, Sadly I did not check the label prior to wearing it and checking my hives. It now has three small spots of propolis on the front and so I can't exchange it for another size.

I paid £135.00 for it and it come with free gloves size 10.

I am open to offers for the suit as I would like to offset the cost of buying another one.

Please pm me if you have any questions.
Just so members are aware,what size waist and chest are you Wildewood ?

Was it to big ?
Yes Admin, it was too big.

The specs are:

EEEL: Height: 6’ 5½” / 197 cm Chest: 54 - 56” / 137 - 143cm Inside Leg: 38”/ 96.5cm