Fence building and grumpy bees

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I would close them up the night before ... it it is warm then don't close the entrance - just fasten a bit of varroa mesh over the entrance. Prop the roof up a bit and put some mesh over the holes in the crownboard to make sure they don't overheat .. if you can give them a squirt of water a couple of times during the day that will help as well. They will be fine but more importantly the fencers will be safe.

Having said that my neighbour had the fence between our gardens replaced - didn't tell me - my bees are only feet away and I came home to find the fencers nearly finished and they said the bees just ignored them !
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Thought I'd hop on this post since it's recent and I'm also asking about closing up hives.
Our new cedar greenhouse is finally being installed next week. It's just 2-3m away to the side of two of my hives. The greenhouse was supposed to be ready in December/January, when the hives really weren't going to be an issue, but now we're in May so of course they're teeming with busy bees, and I'm going to have to close them up for the day.
I don't want to take any chances, so I'm thinking a strip of varroa mesh pinned across the entrance of each hive (entrance blocks are already out), and a bit of insect mesh screen held down by a queen excluder in place of the crown board on each hive. I have deep roofs, so I'll probably put a couple of blocks on top of the queen excluders to keep the deep roof lifted off of the mesh and leave a couple of inches air gap, yet still leave them protected from the sun or any rain showers. Both hives are on OMFs, and I'll make sure that they get a misting spray or two through the day.
I'm just after assurances that all will be well really ;) It's forecast to be 22C on that day so not having closed a hive outside of winter before, I'm a little nervous about it! :rolleyes: