Feed after moving a hive?

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Jun 17, 2022
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Essex, UK
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Good afternoon, a quick question.
I want to move a hive containing a swarm I caught this year
The colony is strong and productive but a little bit on the aggressive side (the odd guard bee out to 10m following people)
I'm going to give the queen a chance as they've only been in for 19 days, if it carries on I'll requeen.
My question is, I'm going to move them to my out apiary on Friday.
Should I supply them with a patty or syrup for a few days while they find forage at the new site?
Neither, I collected a swarm 2 weeks ago and haven't fed them, they have drawn out all 5 frames and I've added another nuc brood chamber. Yours is already established and strong with stores that would last quite a while, moving them will make no difference and they will find new forage very quickly

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