Bees don't like Thymovar treatment

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Jun 14, 2023
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Surrey, England
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I'm likely being oversensitive, but my application of Thymovar is really pissing off my bees.
Have given the correct amount (1strip, for the single BB).
A couple of dozen bees sit outside the entrance, even in the rain. Hundred move around the floor, I guess trying to distance themselves from the vapours.

I hear a constant loud and annoyed buzz from the hive.

I've read a bit about the limited research that's been done. Seems pretty sure bees won't be harmed.

Anyone else have experience of using Thymovar and it's effect on the bees?
I've not used it but bees don't like thymol, they object in a similar fashion when using Apiguard.
Can you recommend a more bee-friendly alternative strip-type treatment?
They're stripping the frames close to the treatment.


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They don't react to Apivar but those contain a very nasty chemical, some won't use it yet others will. I wouldn't worry too much, you should see the way they react to MAQS.
Take a look at some of the oxalic vaping options and see if there is one that suits your method and pocket, it's the most effective way of treating varroa.
Can you recommend a more bee-friendly alternative strip-type treatment?
it is a bee friendly treatment, make sure the entrance is fully open and stop fretting, the bees will handle it
Yes, I've seen the results and used it once myself but you know the different views towards it. I didn't like opening up ten weeks down the line and pulling out well propolised strips.
Discovered the real reason the colony was roaring for a few days after Thymovar treatment. Before applying the treatment I performed a mini split, moving 2 frames into an adapted nuc box.

Thought I'd been super good checking I'd not also picked up the queen. Turns out my check wasn't good enough. I'd also put her in the nuc.

Yesterday's weekly inspection revealed a brood box full of queen cells - doh!

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