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    Wanted nuc or colony with hive.

    my pms don't seem to work too well I have pm you with my number ,feel free to text
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    Wanted nuc or colony with hive.

    i have a colony south manchester
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    Mares Tails

    pastor ,a grassland herbicide will kill it
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    Beautifull Swifts..... predating on Bees ?

    had them close to my hives regularly ,pretty sure they are taking the bees
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    I had a dream...

    I had a dream last night that I was eating a giant marshmallow ,it was soft and chewy ,a bit dry but lovely and tasty ... weird thing wasn't the dream but when I woke up my pillow had disapeared
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    best place to buy mated queens

    after a disasterous early summer one colony was queenless after the winter , did as on the other ,,new queens failed to mate I am now left with one colony with a not too clever queen so I have decided to buy a mated queen in where is the best place to purchase one ?
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    What bush is that:

    could be cotoneaster
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    Other Hobbies

    forgot photography taking pics of all of the above
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    Other Hobbies

    fishing in the summer..mainly bass fishing run a small pheasant shoot hunting ..anything to do with dogs birdwatching
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    Most popular jar size ?

    maybe give away is too broad a statement ...trade for favours is a better phrase
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    Most popular jar size ?

    mostly 12 oz but do a good few 8 ozs ,,,these are the ones I give away
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    Bees busy?

    mine were really busy today ,tried to lift one of the hive ..couldn't even move it
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    Our First Jar

    cratulations everyone heres mine
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    Our First Jar

    priono ..where did you get the labels done ? that is the sort I want
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    Sodium Chlorate

    any of the glyphoshate weedkillers are the best..there good value when bought in 5 litres