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    Deserting bees.

    Thanks, already sealed up. He had a high varroa count and felt he had put apiguard on too late to bring this down quickly.
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    Deserting bees.

    I would be interested in views - am I right about what has happened, and is there anything now I can do? I have two hives, my neighbour has one. One hive is an AS from this year and has appeared healthy all year, the other hive had a two year old queen and in July was not building up well, they...
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    Queen Rearing Advice

    Thanks for the replies, was intending to do this with queen cells from a 'normal' AS following production of Queen cells, but under usual circumstances so not selecting from a particularly swarmy hive.
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    Queen Rearing Advice

    Is the following plan likely to produce more colonies and leave reasonably large hives for this years crop? Is there anything utterly wrong in the plan? My neighbours hive is artificially swarmed using the snelgrove board method, from this I take sealed QC just before due to hatch and put it in...
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    Bailey frame change on a WBC

    I did one of these last year, and just let the bees in and walk over the bottom brood chamber. This is not ideal but I figured the brood frames were only two years old so cleanish anyway. If you were desperate I suppose you could put a snelgrove board on, or make up an eke with a doorway, there...
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    Hello from the Peak District

    If you're in the peak district and derbyshire then I guess you may be close to sheffield, who have a very active beekeepers association, offer a course for beginners and would I think be very glad to show the apiaries to you so you get an idea of what is involved. Personally I think you will...
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    Swarming instinct, queen substance etc

    Advice seems to be buy new queen, the one I have is duff. The original queen, (given to friend) also sounds like is having trouble so I guess the social thing to do is remove all their genes from the local gene pool, shame as her temperament was excellent.
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    Swarming instinct, queen substance etc

    Thanks for replies
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    First return if you google stonebrood on google images!
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    Swarming instinct, queen substance etc

    OK, thanks. Other folk seem to be waiting weeks for the queen to start laying, will I have to wait weeks for her to settle into a routine then. I now wonder if knocking down QCs will be a better option than another AS. My understanding is that the bees who want to swarm get more and more...
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    Swarming instinct, queen substance etc

    In a previous post I described my poor AS skills (located the queen, she managed to get into the new hive with nuring bees) and an esteemed member of the forum suggested I would in the future suffer "hypothetical swarming nuc". Just goes to show how clever you all are... The cock up AS weeks...
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    A Box with 3 compartments what is it ?

    Is this the same as Bee Box and Bee Hunting - YouTube which looks good fun!
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    Mite resistant queens wanted

    Doesn't seem to have got off the gound given their 'news' ...
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    Hypothetical Academic Question

    I left two in case they would be useful, both had larvae, both same age, both capped on Friday, I do only need one.
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    Hypothetical Academic Question

    Thanks, the hive with all the flyers, no queen has two sealed cells, due to hatch on Saturday. Am I best to reduce these down to one now?