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    Full colonys with hives & Honey for sale

    We are selling full colony's bees in National hives with 2 supers of frames and wax one box already full of honey with the other well on its way. £300 per hive for one,£550 for two or more. These hives have last years queens and with the honey already in them you should get a good return on your...
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    Last few nucs for sale in Kent.

    We have a few 5 frame nucs still left. All on National Hoffman frames with marked Queens. Can be picked up from Canterbury area..£100
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    Nuc's For Sale In Kent..

    2013 5 frame Nuc's for sale, All on Hoffman National frames. All nuc's have a good laying & marked Queens 2013. Pick up from canterbury area £125. Any Questions or querys message or PM with phone number and we will get back to you asap.. Plenty avaliable all ready to go...
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    Pollination price.

    Cheers for the replies, Many thanks.
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    Pollination price.

    I was told that around 3-4 weeks depending on the type of crop.
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    Pollination price.

    Cheers Chris, The guy was paying more than double that but I think most of that was to cover the traveling costs. Even at £50 it still sounds reasonable for a days work getting them in and out if 10 or 20 hives were needed. Many thanks..
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    Pollination price.

    Hi, Was wondering what the going price is for pollinating orchards or crops, Was speaking to a orchard owner it Kent a couple of weeks ago who gets his crops pollinated by someone from norfolk as he cant find local bee keepers locally to do it.. Is there a going rate that everyone follows or an...
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    Swarming problem

    Sorry forgot to say tha only left 2 lrg cells on the sheets and took a couple for the other nuc..Even if you discover they are sealed is it still worth doing an AS.?
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    Swarming problem

    Just a quick question.. I went to inspect one of my hives on sunday, it has been doubled up for the last 2 weeks,when I inspected it there was roughly 8-12 sealed queen cells on the bottom of the top box,I decided to take all the frames which had cells on & left them in a nuc with some bees and...
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    poorly colony -Nosema?

    I agree with all the athers,,give a feed of syrup and if a spare sheet of sealed brood can be found and added this should pick the colony up..
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Had a look around the hives and cleared away some ond pallets and discovered a sml wasp nest in the ground...will deal with it tomorrow..
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    Mead set for a come back!

    A friend of mine has been supplying mead to local events for the past few years and the best honey for sweetening has always been from bees that have been near osr..which supprised me..
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    As the weather looks bad for the next few days I just gave them a light feed and had a tidy up..
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    Emerging bees

    Great pic..
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    Bee wing movement

    Very interesting..