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    Nuc for sale Norfolk/Suffolk border

    Please PM me and I will reply. regards Michael
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    Nuc for sale Norfolk/Suffolk border

    As it is late in the season I will take a reasonsble offer as this was only for emergencies and I have not needed it. In fact I will be selling off a few colonies to make things more managable if anyone is interested.
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    Nuc for sale Norfolk/Suffolk border

    I have a 5 frame nuc for sale with a 2013 marked queen on National standard frames £100. Can be transferred to your own box or I can put them in a travel if you pay £30 deposit. Please pm me if interested.
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    Bees for sale Norfolk/Suffolk border

    Since placing this ad I have also decided to downsize so I have one full colony for sale. This is on National standard frames. Please pm me for more info.
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    Bees for sale Norfolk/Suffolk border

    Noah You can call me on mobile 07970687294. I have one left but should have a couple of nucs available next month. Regards Michael
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    Bees for sale Norfolk/Suffolk border

    Hi I have a couple of swarms for sale. They are from my own hives (unfortunately cold weather delayed inspections until it was too late). These bees are good natured and easy to handle and work well in cool weather. They are currently both in National hives and working well with 2012 queens...
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    No honey in the brood box

    This is interesting as this is my first year. Myself and another newby put in Apiguard a week ago. We checked the boards yesterday on two hives and counted around 20 mites on each. We discussed whether to carry on with a second dose next week. Any advice would be appreciated. Michael
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    OSR Honey stores

    Confusingly the May edition (p9) of the BBKA news states: "Keep the super that is immediately on top of the brood chamber (Super 1) in that place for the season - it may become the feed super for next winter." My question is still if I follow this guidance can they cope with OSR honey.
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    OSR Honey stores

    Thanks, if there is one thing I have learnt about this is that nothing is set in stone. Books and people have so many different opinions and ideas!
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    Netweather.tv Summer Forecast 2011 "Shades of 1976"

    Send some to Suffolk please!!
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    screening an apiary

    Same here. Look out for local building sites that are removing scaffolding. This stuff is usually skipped as it cannot be re-used. Regards Michael
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    OSR Honey stores

    Hi I picked up a 6 frame nuc about 3 weeks ago, they are in the hive and I have had to put a super on as they are expanding rapidly now. My query is regarding the honey stores. I would assume a large amount will be OSR at the moment as there are several fields within foraging distance...
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    First inspection of nuc

    I know the feeling, its a steep learning curve even though I did the course! There is nothing like practical experience and getting hands on with your own bees.