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    When do you start Qrearing?

    I'm in the South East and am very keen to start queen rearing, still a little cold but looking at the weather forecast I think if I started the 2nd week of May I'd have virgins out when the day time temp was >18oC and plenty of drones. When do you start and where are you?
  2. domino

    Your glove of choice!

    Long cuff nitrile normally, but they are as rare as hen's teeth atm. I've got a box but for general inspections, I use generic washing up gloves.
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    Swarm, no brood, virgin, wha'?

    I've got something similar. Two hives had brood, now none. They seem happy, at the moment I'm assuming they are off lay - can't see them swarming now. I'll check next week, lend them a frame of eggs, if they try and raise queens I'll unite. Can't see any queens getting mated this time of year.
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    Get well soon

    I like the Dave Goulson bumblebee ones.
  5. domino

    Get well soon

    Single-handed queen catcher.
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    Ratio of foraging to house/nurse bees

    My google-fu is rubbish, I've had a look but not found a good answer. I'm looking for some reference on the proportion of flying bees (i.e. foraging) to housework type bees. If you moved a hive without shutting it up in the middle of the day roughly how many flying bees would you lose? Not...
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    If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is - anybody heard of Mike Mcinnes MRPS

    Reminds me of people who ask for honey for allergies. I always point out to them that it isn't proven to do anything, just people I want to be honest with them.
  8. domino

    Treatment free

    My only criticism of the treatment-free approach has been aimed at people who preach the line that you don't need to do anything just let the bees get on with it. Beginners jump on board and then become discouraged when their bees inevitably die. I find treatment-free manipulations to disrupt...
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    Importation of bees

    There isn't a case.
  10. domino

    Importation of bees

  11. domino

    Importation of bees

    It covers the region where SHB is.
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    Importation of bees

    Looking at the BBKA petition on it doesn't appear to be gaining much traction. Campaign petitions normally get most of their numbers in the first seven days. If the BBKA are unable to get 10k signatures on their flagship campaign they should consider very hard their effectiveness as a...
  13. domino

    Super has queen laying, how do I get the bees back in the empty brood box?

    I'm going to risk taking with the winter wrappings off Saturday, I may even go wild and get the nailgun out an make up some frames.
  14. domino

    Super has queen laying, how do I get the bees back in the empty brood box?

    I only took the mouse guards off his week and checked the feed, people are reversing boxes already. I'm a beekeeping tortoise.
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    Importation of bees

    Is there a health certificate requirement when moving animals between the NI and RoI?