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    Time to feed syrup?

    Thanks PH, I didn't have a good count up as I didn't want to chill the brood, but at a guess only 2 or 3 frames. She does have lots of room to lay. Andy, I'm just down the road from you in Epsom. They are in a sun trap so I though I would have a quick look :-) Diane
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    Time to feed syrup?

    This is my first time with bees in the Spring. I opened my bees for the first time this year today - it's a lovely day here. They are bringing in lots of pollen. I saw the Queen, eggs and larva in all stages. The Queen has lots of room to lay but they only have four frames of stores. I'm so...
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    National Nuc Plans

    Hello, can anyone point me in the right direction for plans for a national nuc? I have searched on here but I can't be looking in the right place. Thanks Diane
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    Fondant - very easy to make!

    Hi Louise, I've just started making it and noticed that Icing Sugar contains Tricalcium Phosphate (E341) is that ok to give the bees? Also, do you use an eke or do you put the roof directly on top of the fondant? Thanks Diane
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    It's official :(

    I know how you feel - it's heart breaking! I've reduced my entrance to one bee space using sponge (just cut down a kitchen sponge) and stuffed it in. And put wasp traps around - just jam jars with jam and water, with foil with a hole punched in. Haven't caught any wasps yet - but only put them...
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    Checking hive in August

    Hello, I assume it's ok to miss a week's inspection now we're into the middle of August - it's far too windy here today to open, is that ok? Thanks Diane
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    Selling Honey

    Thanks I'll take a look. Does anyone sell their honey online?
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    Selling Honey

    Hi, I'd be interested to hear how honey is sold - to shops, or to individuals etc, and for how much. Kind regards Diane
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    Beekeeping Assessment

    Hi, I've just heard that I've passed! I'll just have to make sure my bees know :-)
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    Beekeeping Assessment

    Great, I'm looking forward to it.
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    Catching bees for testing

    Because they are older so more likely to have acarine - I think
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    Catching bees for testing

    Oh yes, sorry - I was thinking of putting the foam in the freezer bag not in the hive entrance (think I had too much sun today :-) )
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    brood box and honey!

    Hi Louise, I'm a new bee too. I've just finished ready Bees at the Bottom of the Garden, by Alan Campion (which was recommended on the forum) and Guide to Bees & Honey by Ted Hopper. I've found both books very helpful. Diane
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    Catching bees for testing

    Yes, I've been told to pick them up individually - but how do you keep them in the box while you pick up the other 29?
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    Catching bees for testing

    Sorry if this sound stupid - but why a piece of foam?