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  • i see you have a colony, did you get it via St Albans BKA? or other source

    Best of luck with it, i have just moved my to The Ridgway Mill Hill just off the a1/a41 roundaybout ,it is in a walled garden on the Belmont Childrens Farm, i had to move them because i had solictors letter from a neighbour ( A right pain in the AR*** couple with a BMW 4x4 and private schooling for their kids and my garden is 20m by 75m, ideal for home beekeeping)

    Have to play the beekeeper bit, when walking through the childrens farm to the hives and answer their questions.

    i am having trouble settling in a new Nuc of carnolian bees, first time i have tried them. my other bees are italains ( the queen is yellow)
    Welcome to our forum, we call the other one the darkside , on this one we argue and learn , on the darkside you get lectures
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