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  • Paul, good to make contact - I'm all of 6 or so miles from you - Wheldrake. Wld be great to meet up at some point. Interesting that you have had the same experience with York that I am having. Wld be appreciative of some more info on Barkstone Ash. Where based etc and a contact. Have found one reference to it in Sherburn? Regards, Ross
    Hi, I originally suggested a link up because we are both based in Yorks. James (jimthebeekeeper) mentioned that he thought you were a member of york & district. I've been trying to join for the last 2 months and they've had a cheque (un-cashed) for 6 weeks (may be holidays of course). Having emailed through the web-site I've had no response. If you are a member can I ask how active are they as a group and perhaps the treasurers tel number. Thanks, Ross
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