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    Delayed nucs

    From Kent, ours are so slow to build this year, although we have plenty of foraging available the weather until today has been dire. Snow earlier in the week !
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    Easy Queen rearing

    Practice is what is needed, fail to prepare and prepare to fail, during May, June and July you have so much material practicing and learning is relatively easy, try not to read too many books, one idea and get it right should be the answer, a lot of youtube and books will confuse a simple, verry...
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    BIBBA talk on Ley Lines

    Your picking a fight you cannot win, the moderators in fairness have a tough job keeping this site way better than most of the others, enjoy the posts :)
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    BIBBA talk on Ley Lines

    The trinty of, Patterson, Rowberry and Smith :) :) or is it the P R S :) :)
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    Probably too large a space to keep warm, why leave a super ?
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    Hive entrance water drinkers

    Lots of things make me laugh...................thanks
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    Feeding a colony fondant into winter

    A lot of beekeepers are adding more than normal, the weather in my area is bouncing between freezing and warm 14C last week, apart from a little of the last ivy around they don't have much to fly for but still go out to defecate and forage for water, that requires energy in the form of...
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    Adding reply to threads

    Me too, but thanks for the fun anyway :)
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    A excess of brood?

    I think it's too early for fondant, they need a syrup, easier to us.just end up feeding ants.
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    I found my first mouse this season in a hive today, nest well underway :)
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    Varroa treatment survey

    The ants like it :)
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    Honey Frames - Wax Foundation Sheets, and Foundationless

    Two of the best books ever along with The Wisdom of The Hive, Tom Seeley is one of the best, if you get the chance to listen to a lecture by him particularly on swarming you will be amazed
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    Missing larva

    Try a protein pattie and syrup, she should spring into action, if the brood is patchy or drone you need to requeen or let the bees do it.
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    Orange pollen

    It is unlikely to be a single traceable pollen, most likely it is a mix and just happens to be that colour. Pollens are a fascinating subject. The best money you will spend will be on a microscope and kit then take the BBKA microscopy exam, be careful....... its addictive :)
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    Is storing supers wet bad for your honey?

    When I had far fewer hives I would put the foundation in the airing cupboard to warm up, the smell was amazing and then make up the frames and foundation and put them into the hives, I am sure the bees drew it out better and quicker because it was all so fresh.