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  • Hi again Kevin
    Company wrong in my last message, it is Fragile planet not fragile earth.
    The advantages of being BBKA member when you have bees is that you can get inspected if you think you have a serious problem with a disease and you are insured when you are a member
    The chairman of our group has a great set up at home with all the professional gear for woodwork and runs workshops which is great - I made a couple of Nuc boxes last September (to raise a small nucleus of bees in).
    In most groups there are people who make hives, will get you swarms etc,
    I learned for a year before having my own bees in May 2010 - but a year to discover if it was for me and give me some confidence which was a good plan and the group are now encouraging more people to do this instead of rushing into getting bees and having big problems. There has obviously been a huge surge of interest in beek in the last year.
    Good luck
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