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    Bees gone over winter

    Treatment before feeding so treat and be done by early October or before, locally may differ dependant on climate.
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    National Bee Improvement

    Probably using matchsticks ???
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    Naming honey/labelling/additives

    They will have to be reprimanded and given a good ticking off :rolleyes:.
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    OA sublimation - WBCs and Polyhives

    Elaine if worried about some of the subliminate forming on the mesh floor simply use the KISS method and add a little more to make up for any lost.
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    Chinese Vapeaway

    Much like Baked beans or the very nice Lidl digestives, ginger nuts and fig rolls.
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    Chinese Vapeaway

    He took a hit on his Singapore pent house, sold it for less then he paid and lost a few mill. But then again what's a few mill for one who follows the avarice trail.
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    Apivar strip removal

    Heft/weigh the hives now to gauge the colony weight and then again in Dec, no need to open for checking stores if they have plenty now. Stores usually get used up later in winter once the new year is underway and new brood is being raised.
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    Synthetic 'Honey'

    A bit like any adulterated honey whether sucrose or corn syrup honey, might look and taste like the real thing but isn't.
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    Effectiveness of OA sublimation in practice

    For under omf vaping simply add a an extra amount of subliminate substance to allow for any reforming on the mesh. Using a poly carb CB one can see that it disperses in to the hive enough.
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Looks impressive.
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    water in Abelo solved

    If one disturbs the seal/joint once it has been propolised then the bees may not always reseal it late on. To date not had any issues with my Abelo poly's and water ingress.
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    Sugar prices

    For sugar I use Sainbury's works out 59.5p/kg using someone's 15% discount. Still cheaper then me driving somewhere else to buy it.
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    Bees gone over winter

    Even if they had dwindled, one would have expected the last few hundred would have died and still been present.
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    Moving from standard National deep to 14x12

    Abelo complete Poly 10% off at the mo.
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    Bee trees

    My cats lay in areas of energy, if I draw a line thru them invariably they form a straight line E to W or vica versa. The trusted coat hangers and biro's cross at these places.