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    Polynuc Hygiene Question

    Not perfumed bleach
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    Rooftop beekeeping for a company?

    The bees on the roof of Notre Dame survived. Its common practice in lots of places, but everything depends on the actual location and access. Think about your own safety first, then the bees. Check for local exhausts/chimneys.
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    Abelo poly hive, old style v new.

    wooden kit on maisemore poly hives? Done that, although is it worth the bother apart from cutting down a wooden super to make an eke? Woodn roofs obviously won't fit. Maisemore supers are cheap, but you may need to put in runners as the poly ridge inside is easily damaged. Didn't notice any...
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    Up in yo Grill

    "You don't need a new hive to achieve your objective ... a mesh screen in front of the hive will get them up and flying above head height .." It's pretty exposed and windy here so the hives have a 6' fence around for protection. By the time exiting bees reach the fence they are 10' plus up and...
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    I’d rather be

    I used to watch ships racing up to Selby on the crest of the tide quite a few years ago Do you remember boats being lauched? Sideways. Great fun. Yes boats and bees go together - I've a Leader, a Mirror and a Miracle, none of which I've been able to see since last summer.
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    Deterring wasps

    I've used one with my two hives for the last two years and it does work at attracting and keeping in the wasps. I also use a mesh front guard for the hive entrances to stop wasps flying straight in. The biggest problem for me was choosing the best position for the waspbane as the wind direction...
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    Beckys Bees

    Have use Becky's several times and very happy. When I was stuck she went out of her way and gave good advice over the phone. Have ordered next years queen from her.
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    I invite you to read the second edition of my book "My Happy Bees" for free.

    It's a lovely read with lots of good ideas and useful comments. Thank you for allowing me to read it.
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    Moving hive

    Agree. Done it a few times no problem and avoids worries due to change in weather. Once had no choice but to collect a nasty hive at night (the owner wouldn't go near it). Sealed everything. Lifted over cill of boot. Bottom of rotted hive gave way. Car full of unhappy bees. No choice but to...
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    Honey on Toast ?

    'ffwrn ping' = 'Popty ping' yn y Gogledd; ffwrn is from the latin
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    Bee suit zips

    I bought ex-military boiler suits with velcro closures. Great. Cheap, easy to wash and thick material. You need separate veils, but not a problem.
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    Any use for old tumble dryer?

    Did use one as a store, but it rusted badly. Use any SS parts and motor then get rid before it becomes a problem.
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    I need to dig a hole...

    Make sure you really seal it well and strap the boxes tightly. A slipped box could ruin your entire day ;-)
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    The problem with honey bees

    Don't be too hasty; the title and some wording is for grabbing attention whilst the text is interesting. The key is to look at the Scientific Report (in the link). It describes an experiment wherein 2,700 colonies were suddenly dumped into an A.m free location. The authors point out that the...
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    Best wood glue?

    I use Lumberjack woodworker's glue from Toolstation. It uses a mastic gun so can be used one handed. It seems to keep well - a problem with many glues.