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Hi Horatio
It would be useful if you could update how many hives you have in your profile. Thanks
to be fair, 10 x sheets of standard brood will do you for now, I can always lend you some if you run short

if you get 20 sheets each of 14 x 12 brood and the same of shallow foundation, that should also do for now.

I'd just get 20 x 14 x 12 frames for now, that'll be enough for a full brood box, plus the leftovers will be enough to run a swarm onto in the second, should we get two swarms in close succession

Thanks to Richard, don't think i could function that well that early!!!
I love your avatar - I tried to squash it, thinking it was a creature on my screen, not the first, I expect!
Hi steve,
Are you the steve that lives in woolston and offered me a small nuc last year when I was starting up? If so can you either give me your number or give me a call on 07738176121, I may have something for you.

John (sholing)
Thanks for the links. I have started to order but quite pricey and don't want to over order but don't either want to find I haven't ordered enough! Would 20 of each be enough? Guess I would need 30 frames to fill 14x12 brood box. Sorry to be so pathetic but I know I will get wrong quantity!
Richard has sprayed crops tnis morning but went out at 6am to do it so it would not affect the bees!!!!
Hi Bcrazy, dont know if this would interest you..... after a botched fondant tub disaster i now have a dozen worker bee's in my freezer fresh today! don't know much about them as they where a swarm late last year but i would be interested in finding anything about them
please let me know if you would like them sending down

hanks again
Barry, Could you e-mail me, please?
ianhunter39@tiscali.co.uk (Alresford)
Des, Could you e-mail me, please?
ianhunter39@tiscali.co.uk (Alresford)
Hi Peter - its Toby - Ive got an order with you for 2 nucs. I was wondering if you sell Queens alone, if yes could you give me a price please? (Need to re-queen alot of my older colonies).
Yeah definately not enought time the other night. My turn to supply beer next time! Still got half a bag that will be used up soon. Good to hear about the bee suit. No probs with our mate suppling bees, I should have a nuc come June hopefully if our guy has enough if not then. Will look else where for another, was only having 1 colony to start with but got 2 hives just incase we came across some other bees whilst looking
Hi Greenelephant, thanks for your email.

I am still sorting bits out - each hive looks like having 1 x floor with landing stage, 3 lifts (1 x with porch), 1 x BB, 2 x supers. Frames for BB and supers (hopefully to fill each box), all stripped of wax and boiled in bleach by local honey farmer for me.

Oh yes, and a roof! Sorry. A couple have got dodgy legs, so I will be removing these, replacing, and painting, as I don't want to sell rubbish!

Price £150 each - you are welcome to come and have a look, and put your name on one or more of them. Once I have moved my bees, I will repair any further damage I can see or you have spotted. ALL the wood is sound, no soft spots. I don't know if the lifts are deal or pine, but they are very sound.

I will also have some sundry bits "in me shed" I will dig out and have ready in a week or two.

Are you local?