would like your bees tested for Nosema ?

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Jul 28, 2008
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Our resident forum microscopist Bcrazy has been kind enough to offer a service to members to check ones bees for Nosema.

He also plans to offer testing for Acarine in the future.

If you ask him nicely he is also a dab hand at doing pollen identification of Honey harvests.

A copy of his offer is posted below:

Hi members;

If you would like your bees tested for Nosema then collect about 25-30 dead bees. If you have a colony that has died out then 30 bees would be great.

If you wish for a live colony tested then 30 bees is a must.

Pop them in the post to me and I will carry out the test and hopefully photograph what is on the microscopic slide to let you see the contents of the bees stomach.

If you would like to send more than one sample then please have them marked accordingly so you know what hive the sample came from.

To help Admin please make a small donation to the forum for this service.

If you do not have my address then please pm me and I'll get back to you.

Any questions please ask away.


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