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Aug 17, 2009
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I would like to say thankyou to all those beekeepers who have puchased wiremesh from me over the years.
For anyone who does not know about me, you can find me at www.jtwirecloth.com or email [email protected]
Always have National sizes in stock, or I can cut to any size for you.
Also have finer meshes for sugar dusting and feeders or maybe you just want a small piece for viewing purposes.
Over the years I have dropped the epoxy coated material because of delivery issues, mild and galvs started to rise so much, that they were only pennies cheaper than stainless, add in the poor quality, by the time I cut around the faults in the material, It cost more in some cases.
I do sell the milds and galvs, but I keep stock to a minimum.
A stainless 8 mesh woven panel for your floor will cost you £6.25 each, excellent value considering the quality.
Postal charges would be added to the cost, again, I ask for the bare minimum.
If you want pieces as small as 4" then I will, in most cases just ask you to cover postal costs, as some offcuts would just be thrown away.
Meshman can you give me a price for Galv sheet,National size.
Because I use some of the sheets for other projects and find the Galv is very easy to cut with Tin snips.

Ah, I'll give you that one..............I tried to cut the ss mesh I had and it would have taken forever, that's why I get custom cut stuff from him now :)

Yours Roy