Why swarming is bad

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Nov 8, 2008
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When the colony gets swarming fewer,

* the queen slows down egg laying ...and it should lay fully for main yield

* the colony slows down working and spare themselves for swarming

* if you destroy queen cells and try to stop swarming, it only lengthens the unefficient period. Queen almost stop laying.

* you may loose the laying queen

*you may loose half of bees = the foragers for long time


If you cut the wing of queen, inpect the hive weekly. So you have time to save the laying queen.

If you keep longer inpecting period, the swarm usually goes when the first queen cells have capped. - You loose the laying queen into grass. Bees have time to rear virgin queens.

To save laying queens makes possible that queen continues worker making for main yield.