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Black Comb

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Aug 10, 2009
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to open up their bees and do a full inspection?

Looks like I'm a few weeks away.
One metre snow around hives. Temp -7C

But what is full inspection? It can be made if temp is +17C and sun.

My first inpection is that queen is present and it makes worker brood.
If not, I join the hive to another.
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Wind chill here must be about 4 degrees.Temp in the sun 6 degrees today but just over freezing out of sun Wind from the north and is icy.Certainly no inspections unless it warms up a lot.
It was around 11 degrees here today, still not warm enough :(
Only 1 hive out of 3 flying around noon.
Is this a race to be the first?

Even if it came very warm, I would not be contemplating full inspections yet! Leave them alone to get on with what they are getting on with!

A quick check for larvae is all that might be needed; feeding requires little invasion if that is the way you are going.

I am certainly not looking to be the first. Plenty of time for that later when the weather is altogether warmer. I do nothing which might hinder their build-up. Only if indications are of some malaise do I interfere.

The under-board would go in and any checking would be done in a couple of minutes or so, if possible. I certainly do not want any chilled brood, which is quite a possibility, as those are my next lot of brood bees. Losing 'one day worth' of brood probably puts them back far more than a week and quite likely more than a couple!

Just not worth it.

Regards, RAB
What would I be checking for on a First Inspection (when the weather is warm enough).
I can see from the outside that they are collecting pollen,
and by lifting the Hive that they have enough stores.
So they certainly appear happy enough at present
I think you are looking to see if you are queen right on the firs inspection eggs will be good but if you have brood at all stages that is good to but dont hang around looking to long
I shant be looking just yet.
They seem happy enough,
and to be honest there isnt much I can do if there is a problem.
Apart from shout Help!